Greyhawk's Darin Wall

Dave Grohl Has Lent His Throne To Greyhawk Bassist Darin Wall, Who Was Shot While Stopping A Gunman Outside Of A Metal Show


Earlier this month Greyhawk bassist Darin Wall was shot by 26-year-old concergoer Ethan Byrd, following a live performance Wall‘s band had performed at The Shredder in Boise, ID. Byrd had drawn the attention of Wall after having made suspicious gestures towards the crowd, including pretending to shoot them with finger guns.

After an altercation with Byrd outside the venue involving himself and a member of the band ensued, Byrd is said to have gone to his car and come back with a gun, at which point Wall physically attacked him, with Byrd shooting him in the upper thigh in the ensuing melee before fleeing the scene. Byrd has since been arrested , while Wall continues to recover with the bullet still lodged inside his leg.

News of the story eventually made its way to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who knows a thing or two about performing with a leg injury, having broken his leg while falling off the stage back in 2015. Grohl would go on to have an elaborate throne constructed which he would then perform a series of shows in.

That very same throne would later be used by Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose during some 2016 touring after Rose broke his foot. As King 5 report, that throne is now being used by Wall thanks to the generosity of Grohl.

Word of Wall‘s heroism made its way to Grohl after Wall joked about wanting to use the throne on social media. Wall said Grohl himself called him about the throne and even had it altered to accommodate Wall‘s injured left leg. Wall said of that, “He called me from the MTV VMA awards and said I’ll ship that throne up to you at my expense.”

You can see more on that in the below reports filed by King 5:

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