Mass Worship

Hear Napalm Death’s Mark “Barney” Greenway Guest On New Mass Worship Track “Portal Tombs”


Napalm Death frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway has lent his vocals for the title track of Mass Worship‘s sophomore studio album “Portal Tombs“. A February 04th release date is currently set for that album via Century Media. Mass Worship commented of this new release:

“We as humans are approaching a state where we don’t believe in anything, and we can’t seem to envision any alternatives. Our elected leaders are merely there to sustain a seemingly perpetual status quo, and to grab whatever opportunity they can to shift our focus away from what’s important. What happens behind the scenes is a slow and steady collapse of our financial, political, ecological, spiritual and cultural world. We’re all perfectly aware of where we are heading, but we can’t seem to envision any alternative — it’s far too late, and far too terrifying to try to stop what has been started. ‘Portal Tombs‘ symbolizes that Death is the only true way forward. Mass Worship is an attempt at putting the current state of humanity’s affairs and suppressed emotional state into music and words. We want to capture the fears, the pain, the uncertainty and the total disbelief in the future of mankind. As we spiral towards an abyss of our own making, Mass Worship is the soundtrack that will resonate loudest of all.”

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