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Mastiff Debut “Repulse” Music Video


Mastiff‘s “Repulse” music video went up online today and is available for viewing below. The song is the second single to be shared by the band ahead of the September 10th release of their new album “Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth“, due out on eOne Music.

Addressing this latest track and the video for it, they offered:

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“‘Repulse‘ was a song that we started writing fairly early on in the process of putting ‘Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth‘ together, and in some ways is maybe the most ‘traditional’ Mastiff song on the album, in the sense that it’s a swirling tornado of sludge-fuelled metalcore with a big, obnoxious breakdown at the end. It was important that we had something that acted as a bridge between ‘Plague‘ and ‘Leave Me…‘, though we’d definitely say this is a more refined take on that sound, and might be the closest to ‘catchy’ we’re ever likely to get.

We’re not the most politically charged band out there, but ‘Repulse‘ is a direct reaction to spineless, self-serving world leaders like the one we’re currently being forced to suffer in the UK, and the orange-faced nightmare our transatlantic friends just escaped from.

Repulse‘ also marks the first time Mastiff has ever attempted any kind of narrative in one of our promo videos, and also the first time we’re ever let our mask of sullen misery slip to reveal that we’re actually a set of silly boys who like to make people laugh as much as grimace. We hope that hasn’t spoiled the mystique for too many people!”

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