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Twelve Foot Ninja To Release New Album “Vengeance” In October With Accompanying Book & Graphic Novel, Debut “Start The Fire” Music Video


Twelve Foot Ninja‘s new studio full-length album “Vengeance” will arrive on October 15th as part of a multi-media project that will also feature a ‘high fantasy’ novel by the name of “The Wyvern And The Wolf” (written by Nicholas Snelling) and a graphic novel titled “Vengeance“.

According to an official press release:

‘Set in a grim and savage world, ‘The Wyvern And The Wolf tells the tale of an orphaned samurai boy named Kiyoshi who is adopted by the ruthless leader of a clan of ninja. Much more than a mere origin story, however, the novel is a tour de force in fantasy fiction and world-building, and represents a unique partnership with Snelling. Published by The Venn Gents, the novel can be pre-ordered now from The original story of the Twelve Foot Ninja was conceived by [guitarist, Stevic] MacKay and his partner Fiona Permezel. It was that concept which first inspired ‘The Wyvern and The Wolf.’

Also available now from the band’s website is the graphic novel ‘Vengeance,’ written by Mackay with artwork by George Evangelista. The graphic novel sees the band’s namesake, the Twelve Foot Ninja, journey through alternate dimensions to take on an evil alien entity.’

Guitarist Stevic Mackay offered the following of this shift into new territory:

“This is an exorcism of content that’s spent a decade in gestation. ‘Catharsis’ is close to what it feels like to finally share Kiyoshi’s story; and I guess respond to all questions pertaining to our name; All this time, so many have thought ‘Twelve Foot Ninja’ was tongue-in-cheek, when in actuality, the story’s genesis occurred a year before the formation of the band. I really hope our fans enjoy the vastness of what we’ve created, and we’re able to continue to surprise people with new methods of storytelling.”

In addition to the announcement comes the debut of an official music video for the band’s latest single “Start The Fire“. You can check that out below with guitarist/producer Stevic Mackay offering:

“‘Start The Fire‘ drew lyrical inspiration from Todd Phillips and Scott Silver’s portrayal of the Joker. When you start treating people according to broad prejudice, they’re left with little reason not to become what they’re supposedly guilty of already being. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

The video concept revolves around the threat of total annihilation. The strung-up band is being injected with a copper-based enzyme that, when mixed with human blood, can be extracted to power up current collector fuel cells (purposed for reanimating Primordian bio-technology). The band’s performance is a shared, mutual delusion. It’s all pretty straight-forward, really.”

Vengeance” track listing:

01 – “Start The Fire
02 – “Long Way Home
03 – “Vengeance
04 – “IDK
05 – “Shock To The System
06 – “Gone
07 – “Culture War
08 – “Dead End
09 – “Over And Out
10 – “Tangled

Pre-orders can be found at

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