TesseracT Share “Nocturne” Live Performance From “P O R T A L S” Set


TesseracT have released a live performance of their track “Nocturne” from their past ‘P O R T A L S‘ livestreamed performance, which first aired in November of 2020. That set is headed for an August 27th home release through Kscope across several formats, including live film and live album versions. Bassist Amos Williams commented:

“‘Nocturne‘ has been a firm fan and band favorite since it was released ahead of the Altered State album cycle. As such, we threw a lot into the performance, which was matched by our production team, who really pushed the envelope with what they achieved during this track. The laser effects and lighting is powerful and emotive, and Rich‘s cinematography really hits the mark.

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Every tour produces a slightly different version of this track, as our mindset waxes and wanes, but this version of ‘Nocturne‘ is a real high mark for us, we feel; it was just so much fun to perform after not performing it for a year. So, why didn’t we close the show with this song if it was so fun?

The thought did cross our minds — we figured everybody would want that. But we wanted to sit outside our comfort zone with an ‘encore’ of real deep cuts and fan favorites. Thus, ‘Nocturne (P O R T A L S)‘ was the perfect handover between the desired and expected, as well as an excellent guide for everyone as we turned to face the weird and wonderful direction of the final act.”

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