Soundgarden & Vicky Cornell Reach Temporary Agreement Over The Band’s Social Media Accounts


The surviving members of Soundgarden‘s final lineup have reached a temporary agreement with the widow of their late frontman/guitarist Chris Cornell in regards to control of the official Soundgarden social media profiles.

The band’s Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd have been embroiled in legalities with Vicky for several years now, with her control of the social media accounts being one of the lesser claims in dispute.

The band’s return to the band’s official social media accounts follows the motion they filed on March 25th, 2021 to have the court order that they be given the new passwords for the accounts.

They previously claimed that Vicky changed the passwords for the social media accounts after the band’s then management team Patriot Management, was terminated several years back. Prior to that Patriot Management had been acting as a go-between for Vicky and the band in social media capacities.

In their aforementioned March filing the band alleged that Vicky had been misrepresenting herself as the band on those accounts and had let them fall into a “state of neglect”.

In a statement issued this past April, Vicky‘s lawyer Marty Singer in part said of the band’s attempt to regain access of the accounts:

Soundgarden solely wants the social media accounts in order to maliciously defame Ms. Cornell, provoke her online stalkers (as Matt Cameron has done continuously) and to instigate third-parties to harass Ms. Cornell and her minor children.”

Two separate statements were issued today (June 16th) on an agreement being reached between the pair in regards to the social media accounts. They read:

Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, the personal representative of the Estate of Christopher Cornell, are pleased to announce that, effective June 15, 2021, they have come to a temporary agreement that will transfer the Soundgarden social media accounts and website to the band’s remaining members, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepherd and their managers, Red Light Management. This includes Soundgarden’s website [], Facebook [], Instagram [], and Twitter []. The agreement marks a productive first step towards healing and open dialogue, and the parties wish for the social media accounts to celebrate the Band’s accomplishments and music while continuing to honor Chris’ legacy.”

A separate statement issued by the band themselves reads:

“Hey Soundgarden friends, fans and family!

Our site is intended to celebrate the music, achievements, career and legacy of the band along with news and information about any current and future plans, including relevant solo work. We encourage our fans to share their comments, praise and criticism, but we do expect these to be appropriate, courteous and respectful to each other and to the band.

We are super stoked to have our socials return to discussions and posts about being in a fucking great ROCK BAND!! Remember the guitars, drums, vocals and volume?!!! No more comments about wives, children, exes, significant others, siblings, parents, great aunts, 2nd cousins, etc. of any of the current of former band members… get it?!!

It should go without saying, to the adults in the room, that there won’t be any threats, bullying or mocking of any kind, directed at anyone. Furthermore, don’t post discussions or inane conspiracy theories casting blame for harm to Chris Cornell. If anybody’s comments are inappropriate in these ways, they will be removed.

If anybody’s comments are threatening, bullying or abuse, OR if we have to remove more than one of anybody’s comments, they will lose the opportunity to continue commenting on our site. We admire the character and caliber of all the fans who’ve supported and grown with us over the years, geez…decades!!

Keep us proud! Peace and love to our brothers and sisters!!

XO Soundgrden

Outside of this new arrangement, it appears that the band’s legal battle with Vicky continues in relation to the control of several unreleased Chris Cornell recordings. The band allege they were written/recorded for a new Soundgarden album and should be treated as such, while Vicky has previously only allowed the band access to them under certain stipulations, including a preferred producer and more.

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