Soundgarden File Motion To Regain Their Social Media Accounts From Vicky Cornell


Soundgarden have taken the initiative in the latest development regarding their ongoing legal battle with Vicky Cornell, widow of the group’s late frontman Chris Cornell. If you’re unaware of the situation, Vicky has brought forth numerous claims against the band, who are seeking to gain access to the final recordings Chris Cornell laid down for what they allege was to be a new Soundgarden album.

According to the band, those songs were co-authored for the intention of a Soundgarden record. Vicky has thus far disputed their origins, insisting they should be seen as solely having been authored by Chris himself and thus the Chris Cornell estate, which she oversees, should be granted sole ownership of those unreleased tracks.

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That suit was filed by Vicky back in 2019 and has since taken several twists & turns, with a handful of other claims having been made, countersuits having been filed on behalf of the band and more. You can catch up on all of that here.

In this latest motion filed by the band, submitted on March 25th, 2021, they have officially moved to seek access to their official Soundgarden social media accounts, having been locked out of them since December of 2019.

They had previously shared ownership of those accounts with Vicky through an arrangement that saw Patriot Management acting as the go-between. Upon the services of Patriot Management being terminated in October of 2019, the group claim that Patriot handed over all the login details to Vicky, who is said to have then changed the passwords for them.

The band said in their latest filing that Patriot previously confirmed to them that, “Vicky [Cornell] has since changed all the social media passwords for the band accounts and will not share them with [Patriot] as she wants the band, and I quote, ‘to sue her for them’.

Prior to this filing the group had brought up Vicky having taken over their social media accounts several times. In June of 2020, they launched their own collective social media accounts under the name of ‘Nudedragons’—an anagram they had previously performed under.

In this latest motion, the group claim that Vicky has misrepresented herself as the band via the Soundgarden social media accounts and let them fall into a “a state of neglect”.

According to, a hearing for this request from the band will take place on April 16th.

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