Lions At The Gate

Ex-Ill Niño Members To Launch New Band Lions At The Gate This Week


Several former members of Ill Niño, including vocalist Cristian Machado and guitarists Ahrue “Luster” Ilustre and Diego Verduzco have reunited in a new outfit dubbed Lions At The Gate. That band finds the aforementioned trio joined by bassist Stephen Brewer (Westfield Massacre) and drummer Fern Lemus.

Ilustre recently told Rock Talks of the project:

“I can’t even explain how happy I am with how this came out. It sounds, in my opinion, better than anything that Cristian and I have ever done together, and that includes all the Ill Niño records that we’ve done together.”

When asked about the band’s sound, he replied:

“It’s a very polished sound, similar to… I don’t wanna say it sounds like ‘Confession‘, but there’s a lot of singing on it, there’s a lot of production. But at the same time, there’s heaviness to it. But the songs are better than anything we’ve written. And the crazy thing was the process of writing ’em was way easier than it has ever been for us. Usually an Ill Niño record would take us three to six months to finish. We finished this record in 20 days, and we believe it sounds better than anything we’ve ever done in the past.”

The group worked with producer Kyle Odell (Bad Wolves, Motionless In White) on their upcoming debut album. The first single from that, “Not Even Human” will launch this coming Friday, June 04th. For now a tease can be found below.

The band’s existence follows a contentious legal battle within the Ill Niño camp which saw Machado, Ilustre and Verduzco reach a settlement with Dave Chavarri and Lazaro Pina regarding the Ill Niño trademark. That agreement was reached last spring and saw Chavarri and Pina take on the Ill Niño mantle with a revised lineup.


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