Ill Nino

Ill Niño Members Reach Agreement Regarding Their Trademark Dispute


After a bitter legal dispute over the rights to the Ill Niño trademarks played out in the courts and in the public eye, an apparent settlement has been reached. If you’re unaware, the band had split into two warring sides in recent years. On one side was Dave Chavarri and bassist Lazaro Pina, who attempted to launch a new lineup of the group.

On the other was frontman Cristian Machado, guitarist Ahrue Luster and guitarist Diego Verduzco—all of whom disputed ever having left the outfit in the first place. Both had laid claim to the band’s legal trademarks, leading to a messy situation where unsavory accusations were made on both sides.

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In a statement shared via the band’s official Facebook earlier today, March 26th, the involved parties stated of their resolved dispute:

“Hello Everyone,

Ahrue, Christian, Dave, Diego, and Laz announce that they have reached a mutual, amicable, & binding agreement. Original members Dave Chavarri and Laz Pina are excited to continue with ILL NIÑO. Original member Cristian Machado, along with Diego Verduzco, and Ahrue Ilustre look forward to their next projects. No party has admitted fault and there has been no court judgment on the merits. The parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement.

Thank you”


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