Generation Kill

Generation Kill Release “Never Relent” Video, Exodus’ Gary Holt Guests


Generation Kill have released a new single titled “Never Relent“. The song represents a mini-Exodus reunion of sorts, as it finds Exodus guitarist Gary Holt guesting. Former Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes fronts Generation Kill with this track representing their first collaboration between the two since Dukes‘ 2014 exit. Dukes commented:

“I’m really proud of ‘Never Relent‘. I was inspired to write the lyrics after reading about certain tyrannical leaders in history like Vlad the Impaler and Genghis Khan. It turned out to be one of the most brutal tracks on the album, which is why it made sense to have Gary play on it with us.”

Holt added:

“I’m super fired up to have been able to contribute a solo to the new Generation Kill song ‘Never Relent‘! The song is ripping on its own, to be able to contribute a solo to it was super kick ass! Crushing song! Check it out ASAP!”

The song is expected to appear on Generation Kill‘s forthcoming third album, “MK-Ultra“, due out late this summer.

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