Oli Herbert Of All That Remains

Oli Herbert’s Family & Bandmates Comment On His “Suspicious” 2018 Death


New Haven, CT ABC-affiliate WTNH have published a report that revisits the October 17th, 2018 death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, which remains listed as “suspicious” and continues to be investigated by local authorities.

Herbert‘s body was found in a shallow pond near his Stafford Springs, CT home with antidepressants & sleeping aids that were apparently not prescribed to him found in his system at the time. Shortly after his death, his wife Elizabeth had stated that he had been self-medicating for ‘manic depression’.

Over two years later, a suspect in the case has yet to be named, though public speculation began immediately after reports of several odd circumstances emerged following his passing. Among them were oddly worded statements on social media made by Oli‘s widow Elizabeth.

It was further revealed that Oli had signed a new will under bizarre circumstances roughly a week prior to his death. That will named Elizabeth the sole executrix of his estate. It was also revealed that Oli and Elizabeth‘s home together was under foreclosure and more.

Speaking with WTNH, All That Remains guitarist Mike Martin and Oli‘s sister Cynthia LeFave both still find Oli‘s drug usage in that regard to be suspect, with LeFave stating:

“He was very diligent about what he put in his body. He wasn’t a drug user. I do know that. He wouldn’t put weird substances in his body. But he wouldn’t even think to.”

Martin added:

“Definitely no drugs, at all. Even if he wanted to hide something like that, he wasn’t clever enough to hide that.”

You can read WTNH‘s report here, with the video report also available below. Meanwhile, All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte has been less subtle in the past with his thoughts on his bandmates death, calling Oli‘s widow a “garbage human being“, while also making thinly-veiled insinuations.

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