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Puscifer Planning A Reworked Version Of “Existential Reckoning”


Maynard James Keenan has revealed that Puscifer are forging ahead on a reworked version of their latest album “Existential Reckoning“. He recently told Kerrang! of the group’s plans for that:

“We’re actually working on a rework album, but I have no idea when it will come out because everything with COVID and holidays threw a wrench in some of it, but it is getting done. We don’t have anything scheduled yet for it to come out, but those are songs that are going to probably change direction, and when we go out and actually tour them, they’ll probably evolve as well.”

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Puscifer have released several remix albums in the past centered around their various studio albums. Later in the same interview, Keenan was asked if his two battles with COVID-19 changed the way he thinks about life, he responded:

“It’s scary when you realize that one wrong turn, like if I might have made the wrong decision on the wrong day on what treatment I was going to get, it could have escalated in a way that there was no coming back [from]. It was pretty touch and go. Having had parents who grew up on a farm and who taught me how to get ahead of the flu – here’s what you don’t do, here’s what you do – helped me get through.”

Keenan had a particularly rough battle with the disease, having displayed symptoms of a long hauler, while also suffering lung damage and more. As he confirmed in the interview, he has since been fully vaccinated, having received his second shot on the day the interview was conducted. You can find a lot more from Keenan over at Kerrang!.

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