Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig Doesn’t Rule Out Future Misfits Reunion Shows, Laments Cancel Culture


A new interview with Glenn Danzig posted over at has word that The Original Misfits may yet play some more shows in the future. In response to being asked if that incarnation of the band was done, he responded:

“I don’t know. I mean, right now, something like a Misfits show would have to be in a bigger place. And I don’t know that those places are open yet. So we’ll see. I mean, the door is open. If we do it, I would like to play some places we haven’t played yet, Texas or Florida or places like that. We haven’t done any shows in those states, and those states are fully open.”

That lineup of the legendary horror punk band reunited Danzig with his former Misfits bandmates Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, while Dave Lombardo (Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Slayer, etc.) and Acey Slade (ex-Dope) rounded out the roster.

Elsewhere, the interview saw Danzig explaining his reluctance to release a new album, offering:

“With people thinking they can download your record for free and all of that stuff, it gets to the point where you’re just, like, ‘Why am I going to do a new record? People are just going to steal it. It’s going to cost me money to make it. Am I going to make any money back?’ I love doing music, but if I spend a ton of money doing a record and it just gets downloaded for free and people steal it, what’s the point?

I mean, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll just go in and do a song or two and give it away for free or something, I don’t know. It doesn’t cost too much, but for the most part, I think all these people who just decided that, you know, ‘Fuck the bands, I’m going to get this for free,’ well, your bands are probably not going to put out new music.”

When asked about the controversial lyrical content of past Misfits songs like “Last Caress“, Danzig feels that they were a product of the era they were created in, stating “It’s just a crazy-ass song. We would do things just to piss people off.” He further elaborated of their mindset at that time, stating it was “like, ‘Fuck everybody. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck the world.’ It was just like, ‘Fuck your system, fuck all this bullshit.’ It was something else.”

He added, “I don’t think people will ever see anything like it again. There won’t be any new bands coming out like that. Now, they will immediately get canceled.” Speaking further on the subject, he stated:

“People don’t understand, because everything’s so cancel-culture, woke bullshit nowadays, but you could never have the punk explosion nowadays, because of cancel culture and woke bullshit. You could never have it. It would never have happened. We’re lucky it happened when it did, because it’ll never happen again,. You won’t have any of those kinds of bands ever again. Everyone’s so uptight and P.C., it’s just like, “OK, whatever.”

You can find more from Danzig over at HIs current focus is his new film ‘Death Rider In The House of Vampires“, due out later this year.

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