Attila Metalcore Manson

Attila Debut New Track “Metalcore Manson”


Attila are back with a new single titled “Metalcore Manson“. Kendall Johns directed the below video for the track, which comes from the band’s ninth studio album “Closure“, out July 23rd. The band described the track as, “the filthiest track we have ever put out!” The below lyrics for the song were provided:

“Bitches butt naked clean my house when I hit the road.
Naked in the hot tub send the photo to my phone.
First I got a ‘Rarri then I copped the Lamborghini, then I
crashed my Lamborghini, just so I could cop a better whip.
Bitches sending tiddies bout to send me on an ego trip.
Stacked a buncha racks, I’ma triple it, and double it.
My girlfriend got a girlfriend got a girlfriend and we all fuckin’
orgies on the reg, gang bangin’ I ain’t even frontin’

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Fucked your bitch!
Yeah, she sucked my dick.
Gonna drink that sip, make a mill, get rich!
Metalcore mansion, Naked bitches dancin’
Killed the fucking game, Call me “Metalcore Manson!”

First I make money then I find a girl to bust a nut in.
Baby momma rich too, y’all bitches could never touch it.
Whole squad killin’ it, richer than a motherfucker.
You’re fake flexin’ for the gram, you a cocksucker!
My Versace chains authentic, verified rich.
You run your mouth for no reason cuz you’re a bitch.
Hate me, hate me, never gonna date me!
Bitch, I’m untouchable. You could never change me.

Throwin’ hundreds like they ones.
Money ain’t shit son, so get your mind right.
If the times right, I’m in the limelight.
Takin advantage of every moment I’m handed,
I’m fuckin’ famous pornstars in the Metalcore Mansion.
Don’t believe me but it’s happening, my life is a movie.
Go check my 0nIyFans and prove it. Don’t believe me? Then sue me.”

Outside of the song title, the cover artwork sports a nod to past designs used by Marilyn Manson, who is currently facing abuse allegations from over a dozen women.

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak himself denied allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming made against him last June. The band’s bassist Kalan Blehm also issued this denial of separate sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him this past June as well. Conversely, the group’s drummer Bryan McClure was fired from the band this past June for separate rape and sexual misconduct allegations.

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