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Maynard James Keenan Hopeful For More Puscifer Livestream Events


Maynard James Keenan seems hopeful for future streaming Puscifer events. In addition to live performances, the band’s livestream events have indulged in more cinematic tendencies, fleshing out the concepts and storylines that Puscifer have embraced over the years, including the adventures of Keenan‘s Billy D character.

Asked recently Puscifer‘s future plans by Metal Hammer, Keenan responded:

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“We’re probably gonna work on another pay-per-view at some point. Of course, I’ve got harvest coming up in July, August, September, so if we’re gonna do another streaming event we’ll have to film it in June.”

When asked if he has any plans to celebrate the anniversaries of any other albums, he commented:

“I think we’re really just enjoying this one, doing the filming and being able to introduce characters, and develop those characters more fully. We’re definitely gonna do the ‘Vagina‘ album and ‘Conditions Of My Parole‘ at some point, for sure, ‘cos we’re really enjoying this process.”

Much like their actual live shows, Puscifer‘s livestreamed events have been morphing into a more elaborate affair, expanding beyond the pre-recorded live performances that serve as the centerpiece. It’s an experience that Keenan has grown to appreciate and it will likely help shape future live shows from the band. He said of that:

“I enjoy the live setting, but now that we’re doing pay-per-views I’m realizing we were trying to do things live that didn’t necessarily translate with some of these characters. So, this is nice, because we’re able to present those in a film setting, and now, in a live show, we don’t have to jam a lot of that in there.

We can still have the theatrics, but you don’t necessarily need to hear the dialogue, so that’ll be fun, to be able to fix things, in a way. I’m looking forward to, eventually, getting out there with ‘Existential Reckoning‘.”

You can find more from Keenan over at Metal Hammer.

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