John Joseph On Recent Packed NYC Hardcore Show: “This Was A Pushback Against Government Over Stepping Their Reach”


John Joseph of Cro-Mags JM/Bloodclot fame has lashed out at the media for apparent erroneous reports published regarding the free matinee hardcore show that took place in at Tompkins Square Park in New York City, NY over the weekend. Joseph performed with his band Bloodclot at the show, which was headlined by Madball and also saw performances from Murphy’s Law, Wisdom In Chains and more.

The concert was found to have been in violation of several of New York state’s current COVID-19 safety guidelines. An estimated 2,500-3,000 people attended the outdoor show, many of whom appeared to not adhere to masking and socially distanced guidelines. Current NYC guidelines have a limitation of 200 people attending an outdoor event and a maximum of 500 people if a negative COVID-19 diagnosis is provided.

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Since word and footage of the show began to circulate, the NYC Parks Department launched an investigation into the incident. One of the shows organizers, Black N’ Blue Productions was said to have been found in violation of the permit they were issued for the show, with some of their future permits apparently having since been revoked.

An early media report alleged that Black N’ Blue Productions had listed the event as a ‘September 11th memorial’ and that it would occur as a ‘political rally with music and speakers.’ Black N’ Blue Productions have since fired back at that report, stating via their Instagram:

“I’m sure most people know the media lies almost all the time. But just for shits and giggles the permit says nothing about 911 Memorial on it!! I have the permit in my hand. Fucking asshats . Had look at it again to make sure but there’s nothing on it that says 911 Memorial . Get pix 11 to post it since people suck the dick of the media these days obviously. Permit that we received says nothing of any sort. Cmon you fools … you took that and Swallowed it pretty quick. Sadly not surprised. We see you”

In a newly published interview with Ev Grieve, Chris Flash, who had a part in organizing the show, said of the permit in question:

“Nowhere did it say anything about September 11. We did apply for a September 11 memorial event, but it was for September. Why would we apply for a September 11 memorial in April?”

He also further stated of the permit for this particular event:

“We were given a 3-page list of things the Parks Department wanted us to comply with — we complied with all of the stipulations. We were required to provide gloves, masks, sanitizer and a clipboard if someone wanted to voluntarily provide contact tracing. We provided two tables with all the necessary supplies. We cannot enforce rules, we can’t — we’re not the police. Even the police said they can’t enforce.”

As for the estimated attendance of the show, he replied:

“We put down 100-plus. The application is put in 6 to 12 months ahead of time. At the time we filed, we didn’t know who was going to play. We have the total and utmost reverence for our beloved Tompkins Square Park. It is the last bastion against creeping gentrification. We fought for it: in the media, in the streets and in the courts. We will never trash the park, and we will do everything right and everything in compliance. We have a track record going back to 2006 — every show is without incident.”

Yesterday (April 27th) John Joseph once again pushed back on reports about the concert, this time stating the following via his social media:

“Of course the media tried to put the spin on the show. So people said “It wasn’t a protest – it was bands playing. Comparing that to BLM is insane.” So here is my rebuttal. When I initially approached Cuz to set up a show. This is exactly what was discussed. First and foremost people need some music – lets put a free show on for them. To enjoy getting back to the life we know

Then the conversation immediately went to taking a stand against all the bullshit. Draconian lockdowns, peoples small businesses being destroyed by politicians who don’t even follow their own guidelines. In fact they are total hypocrites. How many of our friends and family lost everything, committed suicide, relapsed into drugs and alcohol, OD and died.

This was a pushback against government over stepping their reach, telling people they cant gather in public, or a church, mosque, temple etc, while they did whatever they wanted. Now Cuomo passing a bill requiring a passport of your medical history to enter certain businesses. Which will become more of a thing – guaranteed.

And finally we have a Governor – caught several times not following his own damn guidelines and who killed over 10,000 seniors in nursing homes, while being a fucking pig to women around him, and a mayor who took in 800 million from tax payers for the homeless – him and his wife gave the $ to their friends charities (of course), and I’m told there’s an investigation into it – especially when the homeless situation is as bad as it was in the seventies and eighties.

So you may not have a dog in this fight – or care – or pay attention or have no problem with whats happening right now – but this is what was said on stage at the show. As musicians we did our job – we spoke up about it – we rallied, we protested, we gigged, unlike these other bands who sold out to the bullshit. Waiting for greedy politicians and corrupted industries and Government organizations bought and paid for to tell them what they can and can’t do.

It was about bringing people together – but of course the media did it’s job & put a spin on it to get clicks and divide people. All in all it was an amazing day – and those who didn’t want to come – didn’t. Those who did – did. Now Im deading this issue.”

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