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Brian “Head” Welch On Korn’s Future: “We Don’t Just Wanna Watch The Band Grow Old And Go Downhill”


Some 28 years into their career, Korn have begun to pondering their own longevity. Asked recently by Metal Hammer about what the band’s future holds beyond this weekend’s ‘Korn: Monumental‘ livestream, Welch dived in a bit deeper on the band’s career arc:

“You know, I was talking to [Korn guitarist] Munky the other day, like ‘Munky, how long are you planning to go man? Are we gonna be Rolling Stones wannabes, or do we wanna retire at some point and do something else?’ The truth is… we don’t know. We left it knowing it’s gotta be the fans’ decision in the end; so long as they want us, we could just keep going.

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At the same time, I was sat thinking how cool it’d be to go out on arena level rather than getting bumped back down to clubs or whatever. Smaller venues are fun because of how intimate you can get, but we don’t just wanna watch the band grow old and go downhill. I’d love to go out on top, man. But again, we could probably achieve that by maybe playing more sparingly, go out and only do special events so it’s more of an event. I don’t really see us doing full tours into our 80s, you know?”

When asked about the status of the band’s long-rumored covers album, he replied:

“Dude, I want to do that so bad! A lot of fans ask us that, so there’s definitely a demand for it and we’re feeling the love. It’d be cool to do it this year, but I don’t know. I guess we already have a head-start because we’ve recorded a bunch in the past, but if we can just decide on, like, five more songs I think we’d have it done. Hopefully in the next year or two… maybe.”

He was also asked about this year marking the 25th anniversary for the band’s 1996 sophomore album “Life Is Peachy” and whether or not they have any plans to celebrate it, he replied:

“Oh yeeeah! You know, we’ve been so focused on this we haven’t really talked about it, but just you saying it might be worth going back to the guys to do something for that!”

Korn: Monumental‘ is scheduled to take place this Saturday, April 24th at 01:00pm PDT / 04:00pm EDT. It will feature a new live performance from ‘Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience‘, which is located at the Skylight Row in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets for the livestreamed event can be found at In other news, the band also recently finished writing their fourteenth studio album.

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