WizardthroneTriumph 3 Obliterator-XXT, Tina Korhonen, Randy Edwards, Ann-Marie Bell, Bryce Chapman

‘Extreme Wizard Metal’ Band Wizardthrone Debut “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia” Video


‘Extreme wizard metal’ outfit Wizardthrone will release their new album “Hypercube Necrodimensions” through Napalm Records on July 16th. Comprised of members of Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Aether Realm, Forlorn Citadel and Nekrogoblikon, the outfit have just dropped a music video for their new single “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia“. Speaking of this track, the band’s guitarist/songwriter M. Archistrategos Barber commented:

“After months of ceaseless work behind closed doors and against overwhelming odds we’re proud to finally unleash ‘Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia‘! This is just a taste of our debut full-length record, ‘Hypercube Necrodimensions‘ – a multifaceted and unpredictable tour de force through the entire universe of heavy metal and beyond. Bear witness to the birth of Extreme Wizard Metal!”

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Pre-orders for their aforementioned new album can be found here. The band’s lineup includes:

V. Morbistopheles Jones (Aether Realm) – vocals/bass
M. Archistrategos Barber (Gloryhammer, Deathcode Society) – guitar
M. Xaviculus Bell (Forlorn Citadel) – guitar
C. Hyperiax Bowes (Alestorm) – synthesizers
E. Wizardthrone Brown (Nekrogoblikon, Vale Of Pnath) – drums