Fit For A King

Fit For A King & Silent Planet Cover Each Other’s Tracks, Release Collaborative Merch Drop


Fit For A King and Silent Planet have teamed up for a collaborative merch drop that also finds their members covering each other’s songs. To that end Fit For A King frontman Ryan Kirby covered Silent Planet‘s “Trilogy“, while Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell covered Fit For A King‘s “Stockholm“. You can find both of those tracks below.

For the collaborative merch drop, dubbed ‘Silent King‘, up to $5,000 of the proceeds generated will go towards Ryan‘s wife Crystal Kirby, SIlent Planet explained:

“…Crystal Kirby (Ryan‘s wife) has been in and out of the hospital over the last few months being treated for bloodclots in her brain. So our bands decided that the money from this sale, up to $5000, will go directly to the Kirby family to help covered what is not being covered by her insurance. We are a family. We are One. Love you all!”

You can find the merch collection at

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