Bill Ward

Bill Ward Would Love To Make A New Black Sabbath Album, But Says He No Longer “Has The Chops” To Tour With Them


When Black Sabbath embarked on their farewell tour that wound down in 2017, they did so without drummer Bill Ward. Instead that run took place with Tommy Cluefetos behind the kit—a decision that left both Ward and some fans with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Ward‘s absence wasn’t without controversy. There was a very public contractual dispute and allegations made by members of the band that Ward was not healthy enough for the tour—allegations which were denied by Ward at the time.

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Several years removed from the band’s final chapter, thenow  72-year-old Ward has admitted that these days, he no longer has the chops to keep up with the group  in a live capacity. Appearing recently on  SiriusXM‘s ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk‘, he was asked if he was okay with Black Sabbath having been put to bed, he responded:

“Well, I’m not done with Black Sabbath‘s legacy. [Laughs] I haven’t been done. I was made done, but I’m not done. So, the others might be done, but I’m not. But being realistic about that, as far as touring with Black Sabbath, I don’t have the chops, and I don’t have the ability to drive a band like that on stage. I have to be back to 60 years old to be able to do that.”

“I would love to do a studio album with Sabbath, with all the original members. I’m just saying that — I’m just floating that out there. I haven’t talked to anybody about that or anything else. But I’m not done. So, the other three might be done, and I respect that, but no, I’m not done. I think as long as we all exist [laughs] and we’re still breathing in air, I think we have every possibility of making some great music together.”

He later clarified that his desire to play with the band would only extend to the studio and not hit the road with them: “I’m being honest. I’ll be 73 next birthday [in May], and I know what kind of energy it takes to drive that band.”


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