Behemoth's Nergal

Behemoth’s Nergal Found Guilty Of ‘Offending Religious Feelings’ By Polish Court


Behemoth, etc. frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has lost the initial stage of his current court battle, having been found guilty of the charge of ‘offending religious feelings’ in a Warsaw court. The anti-blasphemy charge was brought against Nergal for an image he shared online back in 2019. That image can be seen below:

It appears to depict Nergal stepping on a painting of the Virgin Mary and was shared online back in September of 2019. The image was brought to the attention of Polish authorities by the Ordo luris, an ultra-conservative group and another organization dubbed the Patriotic Society. Notes From Poland report that Nergal has now been found guilty on the charge and was ordered to pay a fine of 15,000 zloty with associated legal fees of 3,500 zloty, which all in all equates to about $4980 USD.

Nergal has however refused to plead guilty to the charge and contested the ruling with the case now set to proceed to trial. Nergal has run afoul of the anti-blasphemy laws in place in his native Poland several times throughout his career, including for tearing up a bible onstage in 2008. He was eventually acquitted in that incident. In 2018 he saw charges dismissed against him regarding a a controversial merch design which authorities felt mocked the national coat of arms of Poland.

Nergal has since commented on this latest development on social media, sharing the below post earlier today, February 16th:

“Will I let superstition and fundamentalist dogmas capitalize on this and EVERY other case of the same nature? FUCK NO! Nigel has some ases up his sleeve… Just wait and see 🖕😎

*****. ***”

Speaking last week ahead of this new ruling, he said of the charges presented against him:

“Another lawsuit in the process. Reason? In every case the same: offense of RELIGIOUS FEELINGS! Can u imagine this nonsense in XXl century? Poland is mentally soooo fuckin’ behind the civilized Europe that we r literally THE last bastion of so called “blasphemy casus”. Even extremely Catholic Ireland removed this paragraph from constitution lately. It WILL happen in Poland at some point …. and yea, I’m willing to be that stepping stone. FUCK religious fundamentalism in every fuckin hole. And frankly, I’m sure I will win this and EVERY other case. Just wait and see 😎 ***** ***”

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