SOM (Caspian, Ex-Junius) Debut “Youth // Decay” Video


SOM, who feature current/former members of Constants, Junius and Caspian, have released a video for their new single “Youth // Decay“. The song is the second from the band’s forthcoming EP “Awake” (out March 05th) to see a release and follows the track “Awake // Sedate“.

Vocalist/guitarist Will Benoit told Revolver of the this latest cut:

“Before the first SOM record was done, Mike [Repasch-Nieves, guitar] and I were both feeling creatively and musically adrift. We got together for a couple days, recording ambient guitar and synths over glitchy beats in an attempt to change things up. Two years later when Mike and Joel joined the band, I edited some of Mike‘s demo parts from that session to form the main melodies in ‘Youth // Decay.’ I arranged the chords and vocals, and brought it to the group. During quarantine, we all passed the demo back and forth. Slowly, this minimal, sparse piece of music grew into a dynamic, crushing song that is also the first track we finished as a five-piece.”

Repasch-Nieves added:

“Similarly, the video started as a short film that my friend and long-time colleague, director Adam Patch, had been working on. As soon as we finished the song, I knew it would be perfect for this, lyrically and thematically. We shared the song and footage with editor Samia Zaidi, who also directed our recent video for ‘Awake // Sedate.’ She took it and really brought everything into focus. It was quite serendipitous how it all came together in this way.”


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