Loathe Surprise Release New Album “The Things They Believe”


Loathe have surprise released a new ambient-instrumental album titled “The Things They Believe“. It arrives on the very first anniversary of the February 07th, 2020 release band’s breakout album “I Let It In And It Took Everything“. The group commented of this new twelve-song outing:

“The concept for ‘The Things They Believe‘ was born from the incredible response to ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything‘, which became the impetus to extend the identity and timeline of the record. Creating sonic landscapes and parallels that explore and expand further on the areas within ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything’.

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As we release this collection of atmospheres, we hope you lose yourself further within this chapter and, much like our love for soundtracks and soundscapes provides us with solace in times of distress and need, we hope you find comfort inside too.”

The band have also spoken to Kerrang! about the effort, with bassist Feisal El-Khazragi stating of it:

“We’ve always been into ambient music. When we hit lockdown, and there was that pressure to do something different, we weren’t really fans of what other bands were doing in terms of livestreams and all that. I guess what fans would’ve expected would be a ‘regular album’. We thought it would be cool to do something more unexpected, while also tapping into that element of ambient sound that’s already baked into the band.”

Guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe added:

“The idea has been around for ages. It’s kind of a mix-and-match of ideas amassed over a long period of time. Some elements were taken from sessions for I Let It In… Some ideas originated ages ago.”

Despite his physical absence, vocalist Kadeem France was involved behind the scenes, telling the aforementioned publication:

“This album is so different to anything we’ve done before and I knew that the [ambient, instrumental] side of things was more the forte of Erik and Feisal, so I was happy to take a back seat and just let them do their thing. I knew and trusted in their abilities. As a band, we’re all on the same level when it comes to making our music. I definitely had some input, though. The track title The Year When Everything And Nothing Happened came from me.”

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