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Bring Me The Horizon Are Working On A New Record (Updated)


Update: January 27th, 2020 11:37 AM:

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has since commented to NME of the multiple new releases the band have begun to map out and work on in their ‘POST HUMAN‘ series. He said in part of that:

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“We’re just beginning really. We’re actually working on parts two, three and four simultaneously and working on ideas from all the records. There’s a good chance that we might release songs from each before we release the next record.

We’ll get songs out as soon as we can. You won’t have to hold your breath for too long. In terms of an actual record, I’d like to wait until we’ve toured this year. We’ve got so much to play from ‘Survival Horror’ that if we try to release another record before that then it’ll be like, ‘What the fuck do we play?’ I’d like to sample a bit of all three of the new records before one comes out, just so everyone gets an idea of what they’re going to sound like.”

Speaking further, he added:

“We’ve literally started working on one song from the record, and whether that’s any good or will stay I don’t know. Part one was very heavy and quite dark. For me, it all feels like a very low-frequency energy. It took a lot out of me and I don’t think I could do it again – not straight away, anyway. The next record is going to be emotional in a different way, it just has to be. ‘Emotional’ is the word, with higher emotions. Not necessarily happier.

Survival Horror‘ was a call to arms record that didn’t necessarily answer any questions. It was just gathering people who felt anxious, angry and paranoid. This second record should be about trying to answer those questions – what do we do to feel better? What do we do to make things right?”

“Creatively, it’s great because it means anything we can happen and we can go anywhere we want.”

Original Story::

It seems as though work has commenced on the follow-up to Bring Me The Horizon‘s follow-up latest release, “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR“. The band primarily wrote and recorded that outing during the COVID-19 lockdown and released it this past October. The below social media post shared online by the band’s frontman Oli Sykes earlier today (January 27th) suggested that writing is already underway for the band’s next release.


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