Decibel Magazine And Trivium Trade Barbs Over The Band’s Past Cover Issue


Decibel magazine’s decision to put Trivium on the cover of their December 2005 issue proved to be controversial amongst some of the publication’s more jaded readers. Generally seen as being dedicated to underground acts, featuring a ‘mainstream’ artist like Trivium on the cover was akin to selling out to some subscribers. As such, it has been a running joke over at Decibel that still seemingly has legs some 15 years later.

At the time of the cover, Trivium were riding high on their sophomore album “Ascendancy“, which stormed the UK press and fans in particular, even notching up a gold record in that region. That the British press were also hailing the then relatively young outfit of being ‘the next Metallica‘ didn’t sit well with much of the metal scene back home however; the band seemingly buying it themselves only further soured the situation.

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As frontman/guitarist Matt Heafy himself has detailed in the past, the blowback from their meteoric rise overseas and perceived cockiness made them unwelcome backstage among the 2005 ‘Ozzfest‘ tour. Heafy has gone so far as proclaiming Trivium as being ‘the most hated band’ on that year’s run of then annual summer festival.

Now that you’re caught up, earlier this morning (January 20th) Decibel fired off a shot this morning, January 20th, making a light of the recent wave of pardons issued by now former U.S. President Donald Trump:

This led to some back and forth between members of the band and the publication on Twitter, with bassist Paolo Gregoletto firing back:

Heafy also chipped in:

Despite the perceived bitterness, Decibel themselves did later concede in Trivium‘s favor: