Dez Fafara Of DevilDriver/Coal Chamber

Dez Fafara (Coal Chamber/DevilDriver) Reveals The 10 Songs He’s Most Proud Of Writing


Dez Fafara of DevilDriver/Coal Chamber fame has revealed the 10 songs is most proud of writing during his career. He provided the list to Metal Hammer, offering lengthy explanations for each choice. Coal Chamber‘s staple track “Loco” was among those to make the list with Fafara offering of it:

“I genuinely believe that ‘Loco‘ is the reason Coal Chamber got signed and the reason we got our first gold record. We wrote that song in early 1992. It was well before the Deftones and the System Of A Downs of this world were doing their thing, so that song absolutely defined that moment. It was the driving force of our shows – and you have to remember that in 1995-96 the Sunset Strip scene was dead, yet we were selling out the Roxy. So, I think it was a real moment for that style of music, and the doors opened up very soon after that.

We were just kids doing what we thought was cool, we weren’t braiding my hair and wearing fishnets because it was the cool thing to do. Everyone back that had their own unique flavour – Korn and Deftones both had their own thing and we had this different goth vibe, it was cool to see. 1995 to 1999 was a really good time for us all to make our art that wasn’t skewed by any commercial decisions. We were making our art and we just happened to be getting popular for it.”

A flat list of Fafara‘s other choices can be found below:

  • Coal Chamber – “Loco
  • Coal Chamber – “Shock The Monkey
  • Coal Chamber – “Rowboat
  • DevilDriver – “I Could Care Less
  • DevilDriver – “End Of The Line
  • DevilDriver – “Clouds Over California
  • DevilDriver – “Sail” (AWOLNATION cover)
  • Coal Chamber – “I O U Nothing
  • DevilDriver – “Keep Away From Me
  • DevilDriver – “Wishing

You can find insight and more from Fafara on each track here.

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