Tony Foresta & John Travolta

Municipal Waste In The Studio For New Album, Tony Foresta Hung Out With John Travolta


Municipal Waste have been tracking their seventh studio album with Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip) engineering recently and spoke of it via the below video report filed by Decibel. In the report, the group explain how the lack of activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic has benefitted their creative process by giving them more time than usual to focus on it.

Frontman Tony Foresta commented of the record:

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“I think it’s the best—I know a lot of band’s always say this shit—but it’s the most prepared we’ve ever been. We’re extremely confident with the material. We’ve combing everything, obsessing about everything, because this is a positive thing in our lives right now. So we want to make it the best thing possible. And I think it’s something that we can give to our fans and be proud of.”

In other news, Foresta said he recently stayed the night at actor John Travolta‘s Anthony, FL home, which also houses several aircraft. It was not specified why their time together took place.

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