Cryptodira Surprise Release New EP “Better Left Unsaid”


Cryptodira surprise released a new two-song EP titled “Better Left Unsaid” today, September 11th. The group recorded the outing this past January at The Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Soften The Glare) and the band co-producing.

In addition to the title track, the EP also features the song “Unequal Exchange“. A new full-length album from the group titled “The Angel Of History” was also tracked during those sessions and will arrive later this year.

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Frontman/guitarist Scott Acquavella commented:

“There’s been no shortage of inspiration throughout our recent writing process, and upon stepping back and looking at the body of work we had amassed, there was a sense that these two songs fit together in an extraordinary way that makes them stand out on their own. We’ve always been a band that writes with a much larger picture in mind, but there was something uniquely rewarding about telling a sonically short story. So the Better Left Unsaid EP is our way of exploring that territory.”

Drummer Matthew Taibi added:

“As it was written in the Grundrisse, “language is the presence of community,” and a genuinely livable community begins where individualism ends. Language is not only a bridge between members of a community; language embeds communal being into the most private corners of mental life. An individual (or ego) can only know their hopes and desires by using language, i.e., something their community gifted them. Living in a community and using language properly both mean knowing where and when to decenter yourself. Sustainable happiness will be found sooner on the margins.”

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