Gone Is Gone

Gone Is Gone (Queens Of The Stone Age, Mastodon, Etc.) Premiere “Sometimes I Feel”


Gone Is Gone, the supergroup comprised of Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, Mastodon bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders, At The Drive In drummer Tony Hajjar and Mike Zarin, have launched their new single “Sometimes I Feel“. The song follows last month’s new track “Everything Is Wonderfall“.

Speaking of the track, the band stated:

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“‘Sometimes I Feel‘ started as a collaboration under quarantine, using the limited tools we had. What started with phone tag, turned into the creation of sounds using samples of voicemail bits, which turned into a visceral collaboration for all of us to subconsciously express our psyche under lockdown. It’s an odd turn for us as a band that reflects an odd turn for us as a society.”

Van Leeuwen added:

“You’re in a blissful dream filled with love and light. You search for the words to express this feeling, but everything comes out jumbled and upside down. But that doesn’t matter. The feeling you’re experiencing is real enough to believe.

You hear a voice repeating the word ‘Happiness’. This voice is joined by a chorus of angels and every time they repeat it, the sound becomes more intense into deafening screams. As you slowly awake you realize these screams are your own. The veil of this dream unravels and dissipates to reveal the awful world that is the ‘Now’ as it’s crumbling around your bed.”