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Linkin Park Announce “Hybrid Theory” 20th Anniversary Edition, Stream “She Couldn’t” Demo


Linkin Park have announced the details for their 20th anniversary edition of their 11x multi-platinum debut album, “Hybrid Theory“. Set for an October 09th release date, the outing will arrive in various formats, including a limited edition super deluxe box set, which will contain:

5 CDs:

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Hybrid Theory
B-Side Rarities
(12 track compilation of rare b-sides)
LPU Rarities
(18 tracks previously released to Linkin Park Underground members only)
Forgotten Demos
(12 previously unreleased tracks)

3 DVDs:

Frat Party At The Pankake Festival
(Out of print DVD originally released in 2002)
Projekt Revolution 2002 / The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We’ve Ever Come Up With
(Unreleased full concert)
(Brand new sequel to “Frat Party At The Pankake Festival“)
The Fillmore 2001” / “Rock Am Ring 2001
(Unreleased full concerts)

3 LPs:

Hybrid Theory” EP
(Available on vinyl for the first time ever)
Hybrid Theory
(Double LP)

  • Cassette reproduction of original 2-track street team sampler
  • 80 page book featuring contributions from the band and many previously unseen photographs
  • Oversize poster of Chester Bennington
  • 3 lithos featuring new art from Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda and Frank Maddocks
  • Replica tour laminate
  • Download card for all audio in the box

Pre-orders for the set and the other variants can be found here. The track listings for the included rarities offerings run as follows:

B-Side Rarities“:

01 – “One Step Closer” (rock mix)
02 – “It’s Goin’ Down” (The X-ecutioners feat Mike Shinoda & Mr. Hahn)
03 – “Papercut” (Live from the BBC)
04 – “In the End” (Live BBC Radio One)
05 – “Points of Authority” (Live BBC Radio One)
06 – “High Voltage
07 – “Step Up” (1999 demo)
08 – “My December
09 – “A Place for My Head” (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
10 – “Points of Authority” (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
11 – “Papercut” (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
12 – “Buy Myself” Remix (Marilyn Manson)

LPU Rarities“:

01 – “In The End” (Demo)
02 – “Dedicated” (1999 Demo)
03 – “With You” (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
04 – “High Voltage” (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
05 – “Points Of Authority” (demo)
06 – “Stick And Move” (“Runaway” demo 1998)
07 – “Esaul” (“A Place for My Head” demo)
08 – “Oh No” (“Points Of Authority” demo)
09 – “Slip” (1998 unreleased “Hybrid Theory” demo)
10 – “Grr” (1999 demo)
11 – “So Far Away” (unreleased 1998)
12 – “Coal” (unreleased demo 1997)
13 – “Forgotten” (demo)
14 – “Sad” (“By Myself” demo 1999)
15 – “Hurry” (1999 demo)
16 – “Blue” (1998 unreleased “Hybrid Theory” demo)
17 – “Chair” (1999 “Part Of Me” demo)
18 – “Of.Athrty” (Crystal Method remix)

Forgotten Demos“:

01 – “Dialate” (Xero demo)
02 – “Pictureboard” (demo)
03 – “She Couldn’t” (demo)
04 – “Could Have Been” (demo)
05 – “Reading My Eyes“(Xero demo)
06 – “Rhinestone“(Xero demo)
07 – “Esaul“(Xero demo)
08 – “Stick N Move” (demo)
09 – “Carousel” (demo)
10 – “Points Of Authority” (demo)
11 – “Crawling” (demo)
12 – “SuperXero” (“By Myself” demo)

The band commented:

“It’s incredible to think it’s been 20 years since ‘Hybrid Theory‘ was released. All gratitude to our fans who made this epic journey we started 20 years ago possible. We dedicate our music to you. We rededicate our ‘Hybrid Theory‘ to you.”

You can stream the demo version of “She Couldn’t” below. Speaking of the track via his social media, the band’s vocalist, etc. commented:

“‘She Couldn’t‘ is one of the earliest demos we made when Chester joined the band. Two things stand out about the song, to me: 1.) The programmed beat and focus on synth sounds and vocal loops (rather than heavy guitars) foreshadowed a future of the band many years after Hybrid Theory. In searching for our “first sound,” we set the groundwork for our later evolution. 2.) The softly-sung “you’re not alone” refrain reminded me that, although we debuted with a song screaming “shut up,” what most fans came to find out was that empathy and community were just as integral a part of LP’s DNA from the very beginning.

Sincerely, thank you for the excitement about the #hybridtheory20 package. We’re so grateful to have had you with us all these years.”

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