Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch Movie In The Works


Five Finger Death Punch are pushing forward with plans for a movie seemingly built around the band. It’s currently unclear just what incarnation the film will take however. The group’s guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently told Metal Hammer of his current happenings:

“I’m good with the gas pedal, but didn’t really figure out how the brakes work yet, so even though these days I jump in the pool once a day, it’s full-tilt boogie here.

We just built a Death Punch app, which is in the final testing phase, we’re working on video treatments for the next couple of singles and working on a Five Finger Death Punch movie.

I’m also designing props for whenever we can tour again, designing new Death Punch merch, new signature guitars, training Jiu-Jitsu and renovating a castle which is a fun side-project.

And besides navigating the Five Finger Death Punch battleship, I also co-manage Bad Wolves and Fire From The Gods, so I’m pretty busy. Oh, and the Illuminati won’t run itself either, so…”

Members of Five Finger Death Punch will appear alongside other metal and hard rock musicians in the upcoming film ‘The Retaliators‘, which has come together under Better Noise Films, the film arm of Better Noise Entertainment—the parent company behind Better Noise Music. Previously known as Eleven Seven Music, that label is home to the likes of Five Finger Finger Death Punch, Bad Wolves and more.

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