Blood On The Dance Floor's Dahvie Vanity

Insane Clown Posse Declare Blood On The Dance Floor’s Dahvie Vanity ‘Juggalo Enemy Number 1’


Insane Clown Posse‘s Violent J has declared former Blood On The Dance Floor vocalist Jesus “Dahvie Vanity” Torres ‘juggalo enemy number 1’. For over a decade Torres has faced accusations and of sexual misconduct/sexual assault. In 2018, over twenty women came forward with allegations against him across two separate exposé reports.

The accusations and allegations combined with the provocative nature of Dahvie‘s lyrical content were seemingly enough to have Spotify and Google Play pull Blood On The Dance Floor‘s catalog from their services in the spring of 2019. Vanity would go on to state that his music was pulled from Spotify in particular for violating their ‘Hate Content Policy’. At the time, he issued issued this statement in response.

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Vanity has also seemingly brushed off the allegations made against him over the years through thinly veiled lyrics of past released music, including the 2010 Blood On The Dance Floor song “You Done Goofed.

More recently, Chris Hansen of ‘To Catch A Predator‘ fame, has been openly investigating the claims made against Torres. Last night (July 13th), Violent J openly declared war of Torres, offering the following post:

“Juggalos! Keep your terminator style eyeballs open for Juggalo Enemy Number 1!

This peacock wig wearin’, mother fuckin’, fraudulent, fake, phony ass, devil’s dick suckin’, punk fuckin’, stone-hearted, criminal!!!

For some lame ass reason, he calls himself Dahvie Vanity… pronounced “Sick Fuck”. But his real name is “Jesus Torres”. Former vocalist of some bullshit band called Blood On The Dance Floor! Active, free-roaming, unconvicted, fuckin’ PEDOPHILE! Out here, free-roaming! PEDOPHILING! Look him up now!

If you spot this free-roaming beast out in public somewhere… you know what to do. Pick up a heavy object and inflict necessary beat down!!! Just make sure it’s the correct guy first and not some other totally innocent, peacock wig-wearing fuckin’ fool!
… VJ”

These days Vanity has been releasing music under the name of Kawaii Monster and appears to be operating freely with his music available via leading streaming services. He also went on to repurpose the Blood On The Dance Floor YouTube channel towards that project.

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