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Nasty To Release New Album “Menace” In September


Nasty‘s new album “Menace” has been slated for a September 25th release on Century Media. The group tracked the outing with Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day) and commented of the sessions:

“As most people we and all our families got hit really hard by the pandemic and the restrictions that came with it. We even had to find creative ways how to handle parts of the songwriting online and obviously also the recordings. Some guitars were tracked online and Matthi ended up doing all vocals including backing vocals himself. Video shootings that were already planned a long time in advance needed to be rescheduled…”

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The track listing for “Menace” can be found below along with the cover art for it which was done by Michael Shantz.

01 – “Ultimate
02 – “Bulletrain
03 – “Menace
04 – “Be Careful
05 – “666AM
06 – “Tricky Plays
07 – “Betrayer
08 – “You Will Know My Name
09 – “Inhale/Exhale
10 – “Blood Crop
11 – “Addicted
12 – “Table Of Kings
13 – “The End Of The World
14 – “Ballad Of Bullets

Pre-orders will be launched shortly.