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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn On Social Media Backlash: “Most People Didn’t Even Listen To ‘Catharsis'”


Over two years removed from the release of their divisive ninth studio album “Catharsis“, Machine Head frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn has spoken on the backlash that he and the band faced with that record. Speaking with ‘Mosh Talks With Beez‘ for, Flynn commented:

“I’m not the guy that bashes social media, you know what I mean; I think that social media has been one of the greatest things that ever happened to bands and personalities and connecting with fans.

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But like, has it brought bad? Yes, it’s brought bad. Has it brought a shit-ton of good? Absolutely, and especially in connecting the fans and culture and everything, especially like creating a culture around this band.

I think you got to remember that there is a very vocal minority, a very vocal minority that for a lack of a better word is intimidating to people.

Nobody really wants to go all-in and just fucking fight to the death on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or wherever. There’s a lot of people that just go, ‘I fucking love Machine Head, I love ‘Catharsis,’ I’ve backed the shit out of that band and everything that that dude stands for.’

And they just don’t say it on social media. They come to the shows, they sing the fucking songs at the top of their lungs, they say it to all of our faces, and they just don’t say it.

And then so there’s this other part that is very vocal on social media, and in some ways that kind-of makes people perceive that that’s the dominant mindset of our fanbase, especially when you’re someone who…

Look, I got a big mouth, I got a strong opinion – I don’t really sugarcoat it. I just kind of say what I feel, and that draws a strong opposition that can sometimes overshadow that. That was a lot of it with ‘Catharsis.’

Most people didn’t even listen to ‘Catharsis,’ I can see the streams, I can see the data, I can see the skip-rate and everything. Most people didn’t hear it, they saw the lyric video and they went, ‘Fuck that, that shit sucks. Pussies, snowflakes, f*gs.’

And whatever, and I’m proud of that record; there are some amazing songs on there, I don’t feel that any record that we’ve ever put out is perfect, like, I can always find fault with some songs on the record.

And that goes for the ‘Blackening,’ ‘Ashes,’ ‘Burn My Eyes,’ what have you, but there’s some strong stuff, and again, that was a reflection of this moment in time that we were in, and I stand behind it 100%.”

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