These Grey Men With M. Shadows

Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows Shares Op-Ed On Why He Supports The Black Lives Matter Movement


Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows has penned an op-ed on why he supports the Black Lives Matter movement and his opinion on the protests and tension currently taking place in the United States in regards to it and the police killing of George Floyd. Shadows shared the piece via Revolver. An except of the piece can be found below:

“For every human being on this planet, multiple crossroads will appear on the path of their short lives. Today, we are presented with a chance to change something that has festered for 400 years in this country: racism, both individual and institutional, against our African-American brothers and sisters.

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I hope we can be honest with ourselves; take a step back and choose between right and wrong and reject political hyperbole. I have no interest in sending a neutral message proclaiming “riots aren’t the answer” or “hurting innocent people doesn’t help the cause.” We all recognize that, and if that’s the only message you are focused on during this dire time then I ask you to dig deeper.

There is a massive rift in this country and our fellow Americans are hurting and have been hurting for a very long time. Peaceful protests have resulted in nil. Screams have fallen on deaf ears. Kaepernick takes a knee and half the country goes into a frenzy about it being “the wrong type of protest.” What exactly is the “right” type of protest?

One where YOU don’t have to see or hear about ideas you don’t like? That take seems to defeat the purpose, in my view. Many claimed Kaepernick‘s stance was “disrespectful to the ones who have served,” but I believe this is the sort of freedom that many have laid down their lives to protect.

I respect and appreciate our veterans while also fully standing behind Kaepernick‘s and others’ right to freedom of expression. If we had heeded the protests leading up to this with an open mind and open heart, we might be in a different boat than we find ourselves in now.

Had we collectively demanded reform before so many hit the breaking point, then we might be sharing ideas rather than battling over differences. The reality is, this is not a “black problem” — it is an American problem. Until we address it as such, the tides will remain the same…”

You can find the full piece, along with various resources to better educate yourself and contribute to changes in racial justice and the ongoing movement to invoke change, over at

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