Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive Writing New Album


With their 2020 touring schedule having been thrown into disarray amid the global pandemic, Parkway Drive have instead begun writing material for their seventh studio album. The band’s frontman Winston McCall recently took part in a video chat with Rock Sound and said of the band’s plans:

“We’ve started writing, which is awesome. It’s not something that happens fast for us. Basically, our calendar is messed up. We were gonna take a whole bunch of time off next year to start writing anyway, and now our [touring plans for] this year [have] been wiped out. So, let’s just flip the years around — that kind of thing — so we’ve started writing now.

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And I’m not sure that’s gonna mean that anything will be out sooner — I probably doubt it — but it definitely makes it where we’re [able to stay] active. Which is really, really cool — it’s a challenge, but it’s fun. It’s nice to know that there’s a lot of gas in the tank, which is really, really cool. At this initial stage, you always hope the passion is still there. You just never know.”

“When we write an album and we record an album, we really do put everything we have into one [project until there is] nothing left. We just hope it comes back. Because we always walk out, and it’s, like, ‘I can’t imagine ever writing another song [like that]. That’s all the ideas we have at this point in time.’ And you hope the spark comes back. And it’s been fun. It’s been fun because — lots of sparks.”

He also said the relative immobility the band and much of the world face by COVID-19 restrictions has allowed the group to focus solely on writing, free of the usual distractions:

“Generally, even when we do have time off to write music, we still have — especially with the way we operate — yeah, it’s writing time, but we’re also planning for the next three tours and we’re also working on production and we’re also working on management, and this and that, so there’s always another wheel turning.

This is literally a situation where it’s just, like, fucking clamps put on everything — we can’t move. The only thing you can move is your mind and creating music, and it’s been liberating to not have that other parts of your mind occupied. So it’s fun.”

The band just recently rescheduled their Australian tour with Hatebreed and Every Time I Die for July of 2021, you can find those new dates here.

[via Blabbermouth]

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