David Diepold Of Obscura

Obscura Welcome Drummer David Diepold


Obscura have officially welcomed drummer David Diepold (Cognizance, etc.) as the latest addition to their lineup. He joins the fold following a recent mass exodus that saw vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer remain the sole member.

Vowing to continue on with the band, Kummerer has been rebuilding the lineup, having also recently been rejoined by bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling. A new album is in the works.

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Diepold commented of his new role:

“Being asked to join Obscura was definitely a dream come true! You know, I’m at a point in my musical career, where I tend to say, that the countless hours in my rehearsal room are finally starting to pay off.

Especially over the last five or six years, applications from bands and musicians continuously got more professional and collaborating with those artists all helped a lot to improve my drumming skills and to grow as a musician. I will do my absolute best to recreate Hannes’ and Sebastian’s parts in the context of our live performances but most of all, I’m looking forward to write new material with such outstanding musicians!”

You can see him do a playthrough of Obscura‘s “Vortex Omnivium” below: