Mastodon's Brent Hinds & High On Fire's Matt PikeRaísa Moreno

High On Fire & Mastodon Frontmen Have 2 Hours Of Song Ideas For Their New Project


Earlier this year, Mastodon vocalist/guitarist Brent Hinds and High On Fire vocalist/guitarist Matt Pike‘s teased they were working on ‘something special’. Several months later this video emerged for a guitar pedal, with some suspecting that was all they had up their sleeves.

It turns out that is not the case with the pair continuing to pursue their new venture—albeit a bit slower than planned due to current circumstances. Speaking recently ‘Hot-Blooded With Cat Jones‘ (hear it below), Pike and his wife Alyssa Maucere-Pike (Lord Dying, etc.) (who is also involved in this new project) appeared and discussed a number of topics, including this new collaborative band. Regarding that, Matt offered:

“Well, it was supposed to ramp up here and it’s going a little slow now [due to] quarantine. ‘Cause I planned on going back there [to Brent‘s] after this next Sleep tour or something and hanging out and sitting down.

‘Cause we got some stuff done, but it wasn’t a major lot. But there’s definitely all these… there’s like two hours worth of ideas, it’s just putting them all together you know? And feeling each other out and having different… We kind want to make it like so we can have different people, like different bass players, different drummers, different singers, different people playing tambourine, whatever [laughs]. Like some sax guys… ‘oh, what’s that dude doing over there, he’s choking a goose!’ [imitates sax] [laughs].”

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