Little Richard

Rock N’ Roll Pioneer Little Richard Passes Away


Richard Wayne Penniman, better known as pioneering rock n’ roll artist Little Richard, passed away today, May 09th at the age of 87. His death was confirmed by his son Danny Penniman, though the cause of it was not revealed it has since been revealed he passed away from bone cancer. Known as the as ‘the architect of rock and roll’, Little Richard‘s influence was felt far and wide across generations of performers.

While his influence in the metal and hard rock genres that would follow decades later wasn’t as direct as you would think (he was a key early influence to Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister and more), the foundation he helped establish certainly laid the ground for the future to come. One needn’t look too far back for that, as 2018 saw Mutoid Man pay homage to Richard with their cover of his track “Keep A-Knockin’.

Meanwhile, in light of his passing, a number of metal and hard rock heavyweights have begun sharing tributes to the man via social media. One of them to do so was DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara, who earlier today shared the tale of a chance encounter he had with Little Richard in a hotel.

“Another legend Gone and this one hits home as I grew up listening to music from the 50s and 60s and have a GREAT Little Richard story …… I was staying at the “riot house” formally the Hyatt on sunset notorious for rock n roll clientele and one night I was returning to my home away from home after long COAL CHAMBER rehearsals .

I had my head down , was tired as I got into the elevator to go to my upstairs room . As the doors started to close I heard “Hold that door Honey !” As I looked up to push the button to keep the doors from closing I saw a man dressed infinitely better than anyone you would see with gator and sequined shoes and a silk black and white pant suit outfit on enter into the elevator with me .

It was fucking Little richard ! “ O thank you for holding the door child , I’m tired and I need to get to that bed tonight .” He said to me , as he looked down he saw I was wearing what ultimately became my trademark cheetah creepers I wore through out the Coal Chamber years .

He says to me ,”Those are fine fine shoes you’ve got style kid , I take it your a musician … always remember those with their own style are the ones who leave a mark in this business .”

The door opened and he exited by saying sleep well now child .” ILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT REST IN PEACE TO ONE OF THE GREAT ONES ! #littlerichard”

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