Puscifer Debut Music Video For New Track “Apocalyptical” (Updated)


Update: May 08th, 2020 09:12 AM:

Maynard James Keenan has since further discussed this new single, offering:

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“Manipulated information disseminated by kings, queens, dictators, so called leaders, supposed professionals or outliers and conspiracy theorists living underground, or in basements, is not new or unique to this generation. Misdirection is Power Struggles’ conjoined twin but the speed at which it now travels in this digital age is dangerous and destructive on many levels. This rapid distribution of poison and its immediate impact will be the hallmark of our generation. Even In light of all this, and all the noise the digital landscape generates, all I keep asking myself is ‘what is it with the whole hoarding toilet paper thing?’”

Fellow Puscifer Carina Round offered:

“‘Apocalyptical‘ was one of the very first musical ideas for the new record that we put our voices on out in Arizona in late 2019. It was simultaneously very fresh and also felt like we had never been apart.”

Guitarist Mat Mitchell, who also co-produced the group’s forthcoming album, added:

“For the initial writing process of ‘Apocalyptical,’ we relied heavily on a Fairlight II [an early musical computer using 8 bit samples], and a Synclavier II [another early digital workstation that relied on FM synthesis]. These were heavyweights in early digital music productions and defined a generation of music. We decided to set modern computers aside by working within the limitations of these early computer technologies. This created a unique space for us to explore and the results can be heard throughout this track.”

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the coming release of the band’s new album will arrive via Alchemy Recordings. That label was co-founded by ex-American Recordings Vice President of A&R Dino Paredes and festival promoter Danny Wimmer of Danny Wimmer Presents.

Original Story:

Puscifer, the project spearheaded by Tool, etc. frontman Maynard James Keenan, dropped a new song titled “Apocalyptical” tonight. It’s the first single to emerge from the band in several years and a music video for it is available below. The band’s forthcoming as-yet untitled new album is presently expected to arrive this fall.

Keenan also took part in a new remote interview with Zane Lowe which is set to air on Apple Music‘s Beats 1 Radio at 9am PDT/12pm EDT this Friday, May 08th. Revolver got their hands on an early excerpt from that interview, which finds Keenan discussing his creative process with the band. A part of that reads as follows:

“…If you’re going to release a thing nowadays, I like to do vinyl, there’s a fixed amount of time. You’ve got to rewind from how long it takes to actually deliver a master, get some test pressings back, confirm those things, put them into production and then have them in the hands of record stores like Stinkweeds and Phoenix. They want to have that vinyl in their hand. So you have to start thinking in terms of that clock. And most artists do not like that at all. They feel like they’re being oppressed.

But if you just put your feet to the fire on this particular end, you don’t want to force creativity, but part of it, I argue that you do. Then you need to pull your head out of your ass, quit being a wimp about it and just force yourself to just … You have a goal today. Write one line and one melody. Solve this puzzle today. One piece of this puzzle. Make yourself do it. If you don’t do it, forgive yourself.

Try it again tomorrow or try it again a week from now, but don’t let yourself off the hook. Force it. And then all of a sudden you’ll find when you get past this, it’s almost like a crest, you can see the entire valley. ‘Oh shit here it is.’ and it all unfolds. And that’s what happened with ‘Apocalyptical,’ this track that we’re releasing.

I was like, ‘No, I’m going to get this thing.’ Because I had been working on another track before. I couldn’t crack it and I did it. I did the due diligence. I was forcing myself to try to nail it, couldn’t get it, put it aside. I was going to take a break and then jump right into this one. Cracked it. Mat was out here for harvest and we tracked it on my wife’s birthday.

“That was the initial scratch vocal, and by September first or second, the lyrics were written and the initial tracks are tracked and I believe some of those initial tracks are still in the song, so I didn’t have to go back and re-track them. That’s the discipline side of being an artist, that’s hard for artists to kind of get to.

“I’m an artist. I need my space. You need a spanking.”

The song is also now available on digital service providers.

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