Emmure Launch Patreon Fan Club


While many bands have turned to Patreon in recent years, there’s obviously been an uptick since the COVID-19 pandemic cut off their major sources of income. Of those bands however, few have a relationship with crowdfunding like Emmure does.

Back in November of 2019, the band’s frontman Frankie Palmeri found himself at the center of controversy after launching an ‘Emmure Cult‘ fan club in which he was taking donations directly via PayPal. Amid growing concerns over lack of outside accountability, Palmeri eventually shuttered the club and refunded fans their money.

This time around Palmeri has opted to eliminate that risk factor for the band’s fans and supporters by going with an established service. The band commented of this latest venture:

“If you’re reading this, then it means this band means something to you. Maybe it’s just the tunes you play when hitting the gym, your morning route playlist, the songs you put on when the stress of life has become too much to take on without the proper soundtrack, the list goes on. EMMURE has always, will always be solely about the music, but beyond that, none of this would matter, exist or amount to much with out the fans who have continued to support the albums, the live shows, the merchandise ETC..

So the time has come for us, all of us, to adapt. With what is happening in the world, we have unfortunately been stifled in our conquest to connect with the people that mean the most to us, our fans. This Patreon page, is our chance to rebuild that bridge between us and those who have through thick and thin, the changing of winds and unpredictable trends, continue to put EMMURE in their musical zeitgeist.

You’re still reading this? Good. Let’s get to the fun part. We have a lot to share with you all. Interesting, behind the scenes, exclusive and rare content that we have been sitting on, unsure about when the right time to share with you all what has been a almost 20 years history. This engagement, your subscription, will give you access to a ton of different things, exclusive merchandise, fan perks, opportunities to dive even deeper in to the discography, lyrics, music, everything.

This is simply the beginning. Will you take the next step with us?

Should you want to get involved with the Patreon, you can do so at this location.

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