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The Ghost Inside Debut New Single “Aftermath”


The Ghost Inside will return this June with their first studio album since their tragic 2015 bus crash this June. The group worked with producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose) on the self-titled affair, which also saw A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon involved with the creative process.

A first single from the album by the name of “Aftermath” debuted online today (April 22nd) and can be found below. The band’s bassist Jim Riley commented:

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“We went into the writing process knowing full well that every song and every lyric would be influenced by what we’ve been through, but we tried our best for them to be relatable to everyone. With ‘Aftermath‘ we let it be much more personal – this one is us telling OUR story.

So when it was time to choose a first song to share with the world, it felt right for it to be ‘Aftermath‘. It allows anyone that listens into our world, but it also lets us put final punctuation on that chapter of our lives. ‘Aftermath‘ is a total catharsis for us.

We let it all out in the song so that it’s not bottled up inside us anymore and we can heal and move on, since after all, the beat goes on.”

The track listing for the record runs as follows:

01 – “1333
02 – “Still Alive
03 – “The Outcast
04 – “Pressure Point
05 – “Overexposure
06 – “Make Or Break
07 – “Unseen
08 – “One Choice
09 – “Phoenix Rise
10 – “Begin Again
11 – “Aftermath

A June 05th release date on Epitaph Records has been set for it and pre-orders are available here.

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