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Archspire, Soreption, Etc. Canadian Tour Postponed, New Archspire Album In The Works


Archspire have confirmed that their ‘Tech Trek Canada Tour‘ with Soreption, Entheos and Wormhole has been postponed. Archspire issued the below statement on the matter, while also revealing that they have been working on a new album during their current downtime.

“As many of you probably suspected by now, “Tech Trek Canada” is going to be put on hold. We have no idea how long travel restrictions are going to be in place, and we want to do all we can to help prevent the spread this coronavirus, which includes staying at home.

We will hopefully have announcements in the coming months about rescheduling, but for now we’ll be focusing on writing a new album by sending eachother ideas online, instead of our normal practice routine.

We are deep into the writing of this album, so this extra time we have to focus on the material will be very helpful, however being separated will put a new dynamic on our writing style.

As well, many of you know that we are a full time touring band. That is the primary way of how we earn our living, so if you’d like to help support us in this uncertain time, please pickup a shirt, grab a vinyl or CD, stream us online, or purchase a guitar/bass tab book. Links below.

Thanks for the awesome support, we’ll see you guys soon!


Tobi, Spencer, Dean, Oli and Jared

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