Signs Of The Swarm

Signs Of The Swarm Frontman Tracks His Own Vocals For ‘Doom Eternal’ Song


Signs Of The Swarm vocalist David Simonich has shared his vocal take on composer Mick Gordon‘s “The Only Thing They Fear Is You“. An instrumental version of that track was created for the score to the newly-released video game, ‘Doom Eternal‘. Simonich decided to add his own vocals to the track in celebration of the ‘Doom‘ franchise.

As he reveals below, he also attempted to get in on the metal choir that was assembled for Gordon‘s score for the game. Members of Static-X, Aborted, Black Crown Initiate and more took part in that.

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Simonich commented:

“As a long time fan, I originally submitted myself to be in the metal choir, and I didn’t get the audition. After this I sat down and thought of a way to be a part of the doom community.. but in my own way. I wanted to celebrate the release of DOOM ETERNAL and decided to demonstrate how awesome vocals would sound on the composer, Mick Gordon’s material. All the way around this was a super fun project and I had a blast!”

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