Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts Launch GoFundMe In Wake Of European Tour Cancellation


Deez Nuts‘ planned European touring next month with First Blood, Skywalker and UnityTX has been cancelled in the wake of the Coronavirus concerns. The band said in a statement:

“CAN. NOT. BELIVE THIS SHIT. Completely out of our control. We pressed on for as long as we could and would’ve continued if it was an option, but with countries getting locked down for incoming/outgoing flights and countries shutting down public events and venues we are left with no choice. Love yall who showed up to the 7 shows during this craziness ‘cause they were amazing, apologies to everyone who missed out. Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase and all that shit… super fuckin bummed. Sorry. 💔”

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A GoFundMe has been launched here in a bid to help the band get back on their feet. Frontman JJ Peters commented of that:

“In short: DN needs your help to continue on after the blow of a cancelled tour and possibly more shows due to the coronavirus.

The long version: DN was in a tumultuous financial position leading up to this recent cancelled tour, we needed to invest our own money and borrow some in order to make the tour happen, but this was no problem as the completion of the tour would’ve seen us debt free and taking home a little money to live as well as covering flights for upcoming shows.

the cancelled tour means no way of paying debts, and also has added MORE debts with last minute flights etc. Let alone loss of income to provide for our families through this time. It pains me greatly to have to ask for something for nothing so to speak, but without some financial support in this tough time, it’s unlikely the band will be able to continue.

Any amount would be appreciated no matter how small, or buying some merch, or if you cant afford that just stream our music as much as possible or even just spread the word of this fund raiser.

Much love and respect to all our supporters.

<3 JJ"

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