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Code Orange Don’t Intend To Reveal The Identity Of Their Current Drummer Just Yet: “For Now He’s An Empty Vessel”


Code Orange‘s album cycle for their newly released opus “Underneath” has seen Jami Morgan pursue his vocal duties solely, stepping out from behind the drum kit he previously stationed at. Speaking recently with the Post Gazette, Morgan said of the change:

“When we started writing the songs, we kind of discussed it and Shade kept encouraging it, because the songs were complicated in a way, and we were saying this is going to limit what we can do on stage. It was a mixture of that and, at the time, we were playing support shows with bigger bands and learning the difficulties in connecting in the way we’re set up.

It seemed like things were coming together in this perfect storm. That, and I thought of how we would introduce it in the videos and how we could add another layer to the album with it. We try to make the whole thing an event as much as possible.”

Morgan‘s move to the front of the stage has seen the necessary addition of a new member to handle the drums. Speaking with the aforementioned publication about what it was like fielding auditions for his own replacement, Morgan stated:

“Um, it was bizarre for sure, and there were times when we were like, ‘We’re not going to be able to find anybody.’ This shit is tremendously hard to play on drums. We learned that the hard way by trying out a lot of people, honestly. We ended up finding somebody that we thought just fit, in all ways.

Overall, it ended up being a fit just in vibe and personality and hunger. But the way we’re approaching it is, the band has always been us, just the five of us, and you don’t want to just get married to somebody, immediately, so we’ll see how it shakes out.”

Thus far the unnamed drummer has been performing with a mask and the band don’t intend to confirm his identity—at least until he earns his stripes. When asked by the publication if it was someone from another band, Morgan replied:

“Uh, we’re not gonna say. It’s not even about who it is. The mask and the concept fits with the character in the record and with the cover art, and I like that. On top of that, we’ll see. He’s a great guy and I think he’ll continue to earn his spot, but for now he’s an empty vessel. He’s our drumming muse for now. We don’t want to be married to anyone yet. You don’t know how people are going to be ’til they are.”

Underneath” saw a release this past Friday, March 13th, and in the wake of their planned release show for it being postponed amid Coronavirus concerns, the band instead livestreamed a show from a largely empty venue. You can still watch that stream here.

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