Greg Puciato

Greg Puciato Speaks On Reawakening His Ferocity With His New Project


Greg Puciato (The Black Queen/Killer Be Killed, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) recently had a chat with Revolver to discuss the debut album from his forthcoming eponymous project. According to him, that album will clock in at around 70 minutes with ’15 or 16 songs’ included.

The first single from it, “Fire For Water“, debuted earlier this week and finds former The Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Chris Pennie contributing. Speaking of how he and Pennie reconnected, Puciato offered:

Chris and I were always close in DEP, and we always had good creative chemistry, as well, similar ideas about things artistically. We can riff fast about a lot of things … can go from talking about the NBA to Peter Gabriel really quickly. We had a decade or so stretch of time that we grew apart, didn’t really talk, and then we reconnected at a TBQ show actually, in NYC, and it was sorta like no time had passed.

Life is short — I wanna be around people who feel the way I feel. We had both developed so much as artists, grown and furthered our skill sets … and our understandings. It was exciting to see what he did with the track, and how fast. Chemistry is what you’re chasing in life, it keeps you going.

Personal chemistry, professional chemistry, physical chemistry, creative chemistry … chemistry is that weird intangible thing that keeps you going. So when you find it, it’s worth exploring. When the music came out for this, we had been sorta going back and forth just about whatever: life shit, movies, music to check out, whatever … and I just said, “Hey, I’m curious to get your immediate reaction to this,” and so I sent him the demo, with programmed drums.

He sent back his musical reaction in pretty much no time, maybe a day or two, and that was sorta it. Really fast, and exactly what the song needed.”

As for why Puciato took this long to make a return to aggressive music and if he had been ‘suppressing’ his ‘abrasive side’ after having spent recent years fronting the melodic synthwave-styled outfit The Black Queen, he responded:

“…I’m not a cartoon character. I wasn’t suppressing anything. I just didn’t have enough of it [aggression] in me for it to need a creative vessel. It just wasn’t there. I’m not trying to brand myself. I don’t give a shit about being known for one kind of music or one emotion versus another. I’m not being led by any sort of past work or genre-based expectation.

I just do what feels creatively and emotionally honest for me at the time, or what feels exciting to me, and just deal with the step that’s happening as it happens. It’s really that simple. I just have a certain emotional need, or I feel a spark of passion towards a direction and then I try to fan or follow that spark.

The abrasive, aggressive side … Look, the end of DEP was exhausting. The record was emotionally exhausting, the tour was physically and emotionally exhausting. Other things happening in my life were exhausting. So I just didn’t really have much of that energy in me two years ago, and it had all sorta become married to the ideas of exhaustion and negativity.

But then some time passed, post–Infinite Games and post–Separate the Dawn … and I could feel the energy and love for this sorta feeling growing as the Black Queen tour was happening, but it felt like it was coming from a good place. It felt like a source of strength … like energy was coming from it … instead of it taking energy from me. It feels good.

I feel very very me. And I feel very actualized and realized, etc., etc., and able to integrate everything now from a position of ownership and power. I think the people following closely, they could maybe see this happening … things were sorta ramping up towards the end of the last TBQ tour. The ferocity. The animal was awake.”

You can find more from Puciato here. The aforementioned album is expected to arrive this summer on his Federal Prisoner label with more details pending.

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