Stone Sour

Stone Sour Streaming Demo Version Of “Come What(ever) May”


The below early version of the Stone Sour track “Come What(ever) May” is the latest rarity to be served up via the band’s ongoing trip through their archives. Throughout the year the band’s guitarist Josh Rand has been unearthing various demos and sharing them online ,with this version of the title track to their platinum-certified 2006 sophomore album being the most recent to emerge. Rand commented of it:

“Recorded in 2004, this was the 1st version of the song Come What(ever) May (originally titled Drama Cyst). I believe it was recorded in Corey‘s grandma’s basement. James is not on this demo because he was finishing working on Slipknot‘s Vol 3 in L.A at the time. The song had a drastic make over once Roy played the drum tracks. This change to the music made Corey rewrite the lyrics.”

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