Stone Sour

Stone Sour Share Demo Version Of “30/30-150”


A demo version of Stone Sour‘s “30/30-150” arrives as the latest from the band’s vaults. As with each demo track shared this year thus far, the band’s guitarist Josh Rand has provided some commentary:

“Late in 2004 after cutting some tracks at Catamount Studios with Joel & Shawn, I decided to build a room in my house to record in. In the process of trying to learn the Pro Tools software, it led me to writing the music for 30/30-150.

The drums are programed on this version using an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. After Corey came over and laid down his vocals for this song, I knew then that our 2nd record was going to be a big leap forward for the band from the self-titled record. – Josh Rand

The final studio version of the song would later emerge on the band’s platinum-certified 2006 album “Come What(ever) May“.