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Oli Sykes Talks New Bring Me The Horizon Music, Stepping Away From Traditional Album Cycles


Bring Me The Horizon have been chipping away on new material, but it remains to be seen if it will emerge as an album. Speaking of their progress to, the band’s frontman Oli Sykes offered:

“We went to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, and started writing. Jordan has been writing little ideas – as have I – so we’re definitely writing a lot. We’re about to prepare to write a whole lot more, and start to get the next record together…”

As for how he hopes the band will approach their next outing, he stated:

“What I’d like to do is put something out that’s shorter. It got publicized quite heavily that we didn’t want to do an album again… and then people were like: well, this one [‘Music To Listen To…‘] has got eight tracks! We’re not really saying anything because the next thing we put out could be four tracks, it could be 10, it could be eight… it’ll be what it is.

But I think we don’t want to have to sit with what it is that we do for two years, we want to be able to put something out and let people react to it. People consume music so quickly these days that it’s over so quickly. It’s very difficult once you’re three or four songs in because there’s nothing left to promote as everyone has heard it. No one needs to see a music video for it.

The way people consume now is so different, and so fast, that it just feels like an album is a tiny bit redundant. Also, it would be nice to put something out there… like I said earlier, when you make an album you have to spread yourself a little thin, and you can’t just focus on what you want to do. You worry about everything. You write a heavy song, but then you’re thinking: what will work on radio? All this stuff…

And then you become very precious with that music – you don’t want anyone to hear it until it’s finished. I think that I want to get out of that headspace, of not allowing anyone to hear it until it’s perfect. I’d like to start writing music more often, and let the creativity find us. Get rid of writer’s block. And also involve people as well, and have people document us making the music, and let people hear it throughout.

When we did ‘amo’ last year we put out this documentary of us making the record, and it seemed to blow people’s minds a bit. I think people had this fantastical idea of how a band writes an album, in LA, in the studio, with all these late nights… it’s very romanticized! And for us, anyway, the reality is that it’s usually me and Jordan sat in a room – not even a very nice one – just hammering it out until we’re left going crazy.

I think people really appreciated seeing that. Fans reacted to ‘amo’ quite differently as a result, as people could see we’re not sat in a room with Swedish producers, or we’re not trying to chase anything, we’re just doing what comes naturally to us, what comes out artistically.

Whether people like it or not we’re not trying to chase anything, it’s just what we do. We’re just regular people, we’re not these perfect musicians… it’s just very mundane. It would be nice to keep that up, share the music with people when it’s finished, make people feel more familiar, and almost give people a sense of… not ownership, but that they know the record, and can feel what it’s all about, rather than being like: here it is, this is our new stuff… you figure it out.

I think getting into that mindset of not being as precious about music, and just saying: here it is. Maybe our next record will be heavier and more emotional, like what people who didn’t like ‘amo’ actually want, but then the next one could be a full-on dance album! And then people will be like: well, new music will come six months later, this record is still there… if that’s how people want to listen to our band.

It’s not as if it will be the only thing you hear from us for two years, so you either like it or lump it.”

In other news, the band decided to pay tribute to the Spice Girls with their outfits at the BRIT Awards last night, February 18th. They were nominated for ‘Best Group’ at the awards but lost out to Foals.


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